People choose Kioene for many reasons. Those who choose Kioene do so because our well-being depends on what we eat. And they also do it to reduce the environmental impact of what they eat.

But it is also much more than that. Those who choose Kioene choose taste, because Kioene is capable of surprising us with ever-new flavours.

No other range of plant-based ready meals offers the variety of flavours that Kioene does: spinach, artichokes, aubergines, mushrooms, chickpeas… they are really there in Kioene recipes and you can taste them.

Kioene wants to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy new and natural experiences of taste. Today, more than ever, there is a demand for products that allow everyone to eat well and healthily.

Choosing Kioene means not only choosing a vegetarian protein dish but also being able to choose the pleasure of a different flavour every day from the many wonderful flavours of vegetables.

Kioene is the result of creative Italian cuisine and the great quantity and quality of vegetables used for each recipe.

Food is one of the great pleasures in life and a source of well-being, and with Kioene healthy eating has become easier.
Kioene aims to help nourish the future of the planet and the well-being of the people who live on it, inspiring everyone with food experiences that can be introduced more frequently into their daily diet.

For all these reasons, we like to say that Kioene is for those who choose to eat well.


All Kioene recipes are FROM THE FIELD TO THE TABLE.
They are not created in a lab, but are made from vegetables and plant proteins strictly selected according to criteria of the highest quality.
All recipes are prepared with legumes, cereals and plenty of vegetables, all GMO-free.

We select healthy, quality ingredients.
Our focus on quality is not limited to the raw ingredients used in our products. It begins with the electricity, from renewable sources, that powers our production processes.
Kioene has chosen to combine taste with safety and quality, and this is another reason for choosing Kioene.