KIOENE is an Italian company that had a vision ahead of its time.More than 30 years ago, the company envisaged that the ideal diet should include an increasing number of plant proteins.

KIOENE made its debut on the market in 1990 with its BIO-ENE brand and its first frozen recipes containing plant proteins, the outcome of research that had already begun back in 1988.

From the beginning, the idea was to create food products that are not only based on 100% plant proteins but also, and above all, delicious. Because food should not only be healthy but also tasty.

In 2013, the name Bioene was changed to Kioene.

This new name was not randomly created but is the result of the vision, at the outset, of the entire project: in ancient oriental cultures, “Kl” is the name of the inner energy of the individual. The “O” represents the circle, which is a symbol of universal harmony, whereas “ENE” is the energy of the planet, which also contains that of all its inhabitants.

Kioene is the energy of individuals, in harmony with everything around them.

In 2014, Kioene products arrived on fresh produce shelves. At this time, thanks to the flavour and quality of its recipes, they started to become a pleasant eating habit in the weekly diet of many Italians.

In 2017, Kioene products became a benchmark in the market, and many other brands followed its lead. Various offers began to appear, but Kioene products continued to be the most popular on the tables of those who chose to eat well.

KIOENE is now THE specialist in vegetable and plant-based protein recipes. And this is so in a country like Italy, which like few others, has the culture of a cuisine in which the flavours of a wide variety of vegetables are the absolute protagonists.

Kioene works every day to continue offering future generations ready-made vegetable dishes in line with the demands of contemporary eating habits – not just simple plant-based alternatives, continuing to follow the path of innovation, which has continued without interruption since its foundation.
In other words, KIOENE is the contemporary approach to the Mediterranean diet.