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Currently, our only gluten-free product is White Tofu. Our Research and Development Department is constantly working on recipes to meet the needs of an increasing number of consumers.
Our products are made with ingredients that are naturally free of milk and milk derivatives, thus including lactose.
The Broccoli and Kale Mini Burger, the Pumpkin and Carrot Mini Burger, the Spinach Burger and the Chickpea Burger (The Essentials) and all Congusto products are soy-free* *As stated on the packaging, soy may be present in traces as an ingredient used in production.
Like other “GMO risk” raw materials used in our products, the soy we use does not contain or derive from Genetically Modified Organisms. On the contrary, we guarantee that such ingredients are kept well below the legal limit.
Nickel is an element that may be naturally present in some of the ingredients that are also used in our products. However, aware of the possible intake of this element with the daily diet, we are constantly searching for the best raw materials available and we select our suppliers in accordance with rigorous criteria, precisely to meet the different needs of our consumers.
Our scheduling includes the production of Kioene tofu as the first product of the day, with completely clean lines.


The sodium content is stated on the label of each product, i.e. in the nutrition declaration, and is expressed as the equivalent salt content.
We pay the utmost attention to the origin of raw materials, and the safety and quality of our products is guaranteed by stringent quality protocols to which we subject every ingredient. At the same time, we consider it important to continuously search for the best ingredients for our products, which is why not all raw materials are always of Italian origin. Kioene has always been a producer based in Italy with the typical “Made in Italy” know-how of which we are very proud.
Kioene does not use insect meal in any of its formulations and/or recipes.
The brewer’s yeast used in our products does not contain any ingredients or additives of animal origin. It is also suitable for vegetarians, lacto-ovo-vegetarians and vegans. We use the word “animal” to refer to the entire animal kingdom, i.e. all vertebrates and all multicellular invertebrates.
All products in our lines are designed to be a source of protein. You can find more information on nutritional intake on the back of individual product packages or on our website, www.kioene.com/en/.


As indicated on the packaging, once opened, the product must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within the next 24 hours.


Kioene-branded products are not organic but are nevertheless made from carefully selected raw materials, in accordance with high quality standards.


Each diet is tailored to the needs of the individual. We always recommend seeking professional advice to understand how to incorporate our products into a customised programme.
No, our products are not ketogenic, but we work every day to meet the demands of as many consumers as possible.
All our fresh and frozen products, with the exception of the vegetarian products in the 🍃I’meat green🍃 line, are suitable for a vegan diet.
Grantaliata, like the other products in the 🍃I’meat green🍃 line, is a vegetarian product.
All products in the Fresh and Frozen lines, with the exception of 🍃I’meat green🍃,are suitable for a vegan diet.


Currently, Kioene products can be found in Spain at Mercadona shops and in Croatia at Konzum shops.
You can find Kioene products in the fresh food counter and in the frozen food aisle of individual shops.