3 ideas for your lunch break in the park
3 ideas for your lunch break in the park
When hunger calls, the lunch break answers! If all you do, as your morning passes inexorably, is gaze languidly out of the window, it is time to admit that you need an al fresco lunch break. And what better ally than a tasty outdoor snack with Kioene’s tasty red beet and chickpea veggie “meatballs”? They are colourful, tasty and go well with many different dishes. Today discover them in their take-away version. Where to start? Cook the veggie “meatballs” as you like: in the oven at 180°C, in the microwave for 4 minutes or in a frying pan with a little oil.   

  1. Fresh green and red hearty salad
    To make the most of your lunch break, what you need is a fresh, light dish that is full of flavour but not too heavy. We all know that there’s nothing worse than trying to stay awake in the second half of the day. The solution is a nice big salad or as they call it now: power bowl! You can choose your favourite ingredients: try thinly sliced cucumber, raw red onion, chilli and a simple vegan yoghurt sauce. Don’t forget the veggie “meatballs” and you’ll have a great lunch.  

  2. Pita with...”meatballs”
    If you’re more of a sandwich-on-the-fly kind of guy or gal, maybe lying in the sun to catch up on some of that missing vitamin D, we present to you...pita bread! It is a popular type of bread in Greece: it is thin and is often topped with tzatziki sauce and falafel. It is quite simple to make at home but we are reasonable people and won’t judge you if you buy it ready-made. Cut it in two and stuff it with salad, radishes and the red beetroot and chickpea veggie “meatballs”. You can dress it up with tzatziki sauce or maybe some hummus - you really are spoilt for choice.  

  3. Veggie “meatballs” au naturel (or almost)
    Here it is, the suggestion for all those who never feel like packing a lunch - or have time to do it: cook the veggie “meatballs” in advance and enjoy them cold, while you warm yourself in the sun and feel the stress of the morning slowly sloughing off. 

    And if you’re really feeling adventurous, make a tasty sauce to season these veggie “meatballs”. We suggest a ginger sauce. Mix together tahini, lemon juice, coconut oil and chopped ginger: it will be a fresh accompaniment to our delicious “meatballs”.  

All set, then? All that’s left is to arm yourself with fresh water and a nice colourful towel to improvise a picnic outside the office. You’ll see your health and, above all, your mood improve.

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