5 interesting facts about linseed
5 interesting facts about linseed
Flax has been appreciated since ancient times for its great versatility; in fact, it is still used today as a fibre to produce clothing and parchment, while the seeds are used to make flour and oil. Like many ancient plants, its cultivation began in northern Africa and it landed in Europe after the ancient Romans’ conquests.  

Flax seeds can be good for you. Discover 5 interesting facts about these small but super healthy seeds.   

  1. An aid against inflammation
    Flax seeds are known for their emollient and protective properties. In fact, they are very useful for combating internal inflammations, such as cystitis, or inflammations of the epidermis. Suffice it to say that the ancient Greeks already used them to treat coughs.  

  2. Alternatives to fish
    These seeds contain a large amount of omega-3, making them an excellent alternative to fish. These fatty acids are of great help to your mind and your skin, as they improve cell oxygenation, which helps your skin stay smoother.  

  3. Chop and taste
    The shell of flax seeds is particularly hard; so, to absorb all the properties they contain, it is best to chew or chop them very finely before consumption. To add an extra touch to salads, they can also be lightly toasted or added to wholemeal bread dough.  

  4. Don’t overdo it!
    Flaxseed absorbs a lot of water, so to prevent it from adversely affecting your body’s absorption of iodine, remember not to consume more than 3 to 4 tablespoons per day. In that way you will absorb its properties without contraindications!  

  5. Oil from the seeds
    Flaxseed is used to produce an oil rich in essential fatty acids. It is perfect eaten raw, or used as an emollient for skin and hair care, to which it gives new shine and softness. Beware, however, of storage: it only lasts 8 weeks and must be kept in the fridge, away from light, heat and air.  

Flaxseed, therefore, is really good for your body and, thanks to its rather neutral flavour, can be combined with many different tastes. Try it in yoghurt in the morning or in salads, or in the Kioene flaxseed veggie burger, perfect for a quick lunch!  

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