Veggie burger: the history of a revolutionary dish
Veggie burger: the history of a revolutionary dish
With artichokes, aubergines, pumpkin and sunflower seeds: there’s no denying that here at Kioene we know a thing or two about vegetable burgers. But to whom do we owe the invention of this tasty dish? 

The veggie burger was born in 1982: it was an idea of Gregory Sams, the owner of SEED, a vegetarian restaurant in London. 

The menu Sams offered was inspired by Japanese cuisine and was admired by famous pundits, such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In the restaurant’s laboratory, Gregory managed to create his first veggie burger, which he called “VegeBurger”. The ingredients were few and simple, the result of an extensive search for the perfect consistency: gluten from wheat, sesame, soy and oats. To this simple mix he then added herbs, tomato and onion to give the vegetarian burger an unmistakable flavour. 

Sams’ burger was very different from what we are used to today, but it had the same goal as Kioene: to create something new and revolutionary to please everyone and bring them closer to the world of vegetables in a new and unexpected way. 

Veggie burgers are now all the rage, so much so that there are restaurants dedicated only to this type of dish. They can be combined in many different ways and are very tasty, for an original and delicious lunch or dinner.
Be inspired by the many different flavours of veggie burgers and enjoy a meal that’s quick and easy to prepare and full of flavour and colour. Try them combined with your favourite dishes or prepared as a real burger with toasted bread, tomato and salad. 

They will be a treat for your palate and you won’t want to be without them!

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