3 recipes to clear out your fridge
3 recipes to clear out your fridge
This evening you once more find yourself in front of the fridge: just you and your craving for something good to eat. What to do? As soon as you open the door, the light shines on an expanse of leftovers, vegetables begging for help and the last remains of weekly shopping sprees where you’ve really gone overboard. If none of the ready-made dishes you have satisfy you, all you have to do is combine the leftovers and prepare a new and tempting dish.  
Here, then, are 3 quick and easy ideas to empty your fridge and fill your plate with flavour.
  1. Greek-style veg salad
    Grate a cucumber and mix it with salt, vinegar, garlic, Greek yoghurt and oil: let it sit in the fridge and your tzatziki sauce will be ready in no time. For the rest of the dish, mix sliced onion left to soak in water for 10 minutes with tomato and salad greens. To season, add plenty of tzatziki sauce and Kioene’s tasty buckwheat veggie “meatballs”. A quick and easy dish to use up all the vegetables in your fridge. 
  2. Leek and spinach canapés
    If your fridge is half-empty but hunger pangs set in, give those leeks looking languidly at you from the shelf a chance. After boiling them, add them to almond milk flavoured with ginger powder. Bring to the boil and whisk until you obtain a thick, smooth cream. If you want to make this sauce special, add spices to taste. You can use it to stuff toasted bread croutons and accompany them with Kioene spinach mini burgers for an extra plant-based touch.  

  3. Clean-out-the-fridge sandwich with schnitzel and courgettes
    How good is a schnitzel sandwich? Even better when combined with tasty marinated courgettes. Wash them, cut them into very thin slices with a mandoline, place them in layers in an oven dish and douse them with lemon, then leave them to rest in the fridge. After 15 minutes, season the courgettes with olive oil, mint and pepper. Now make the sandwich! Heat some wholemeal bread, add the courgettes and the lukewarm Kioene veggie schnitzel, then add a slice of bread on top and enjoy

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