5 beat-the-heat recipes with veggie burgers
5 beat-the-heat recipes with veggie burgers
When the heat hits, the mere thought of having to turn on the oven or cooker makes you sweat profusely. If the only solution seems to be to live on icy-cold water and ice cream for the next month, don’t despair! There are many dishes you can prepare without having to turn on the cooker. The first ones that come to mind? Our delicious veggie burgers. They can be made in the oven or in a frying pan - we’ll leave these methods for other seasons - or you can conveniently prepare them in the microwave: they will be a real treat! 

Meanwhile, here are 5 quick and easy ideas for dishes to go with your veggie burgers!   

  1. Cold vegan salad
    The easiest way to deal with this heat is a nice salad. Full of flavour and super fresh - just what you need to sate your hunger without suffering from the heat. It can be prepared with many different ingredients, but our favourites for this season are spinach, canned chickpeas, avocado, quinoa (which is optional; don’t worry, you can really do without) and cucumber strips. What do we serve it with? Two good Kioene veggie spinach mini burgers, an ideal accompaniment to this cold salad!  

  2. Cold green soup
    Soups are not just for winter! This cucumber cream is proof that a good soup is always good, even in summer, as long as it is cold. Make it by blending cucumber, avocado, salt, pepper, a little coconut milk and the juice of a lemon. Once you have obtained a smooth and well-blended cream, decorate with some mint and enjoy. For this one you can choose any veggie burger you like: its delicate flavour goes well with everything.  

  3. Succotash
    The name comes from an ancient Native American language and means “out of the kernel”: a somewhat cryptic term for a simple sweetcorn salad, with the addition of raw vegetables, such as cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, radishes and so on. To make it even tastier, try crumbling a Kioene veggie burger with pumpkin and sunflower seeds on top.  

  4. Cold gazpacho
    This recipe is ideal for preparing a simple and tasty dish without having to turn on the cooker. Blend the peeled tomato, then combine it in a bowl with sliced cucumber, thinly sliced onion, salt, pepper and lemon. Serve it with a good veggie burger for a perfect lunch or dinner!  

  5. Veggie burger and vegetable sandwich
    If the heat has robbed you of all your desire to cook, all you have to do is make a good sandwich, as long as it’s really good! You can prepare it with a tasty avocado cream, sprouts and a good pumpkin and sunflower seed veggie burger.   

Try one of these recipes and say goodbye to the heat, at least in the kitchen.

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