5 mistakes not to make during your lunch break
5 mistakes not to make during your lunch break
It happens every day: while you’re sat in front of the computer, in a meeting or engaged in a super-important phone call, that pang that the 11 o’clock snack failed to sate comes back, stronger and more annoying than before. At that point, there is only one thought running through your mind: it is time for your lunch break. Here then are 5 mistakes not to make during the most important moment of the day.   

  1. Skipping your lunch break
    You can’t ignore that pang, it’s useless to even try. A break is essential if you are to stay focused and concentrate. Whether it’s a cold pasta, a salad or a veggie spinach mini burger cooked and eaten on the fly, you have to have some quality time with yourself. It’ll help you recharge your batteries!  

  2. Eating in front of the PC
    Admit it, you’ve done it at least once. Too many customers want their deliveries yesterday and you feel like you don’t even have time to breathe, let alone sit in the canteen to enjoy your good veggie burger! Wrong! The time you spend eating away from the screen is all gained in concentration and a fresh mind as soon as you get back to opening e-mails! 
  3. Talking shop
    There are a thousand ways to make conversation with your colleagues, a thousand topics to discuss, but don’t try to talk about work. Use this break to get to know your desk mates a little better and, if you are really out of topics, talk about pets: you will find at least 3 people who will be eager to tell you about their cat’s latest adventures.  

  4. Eating fatty and calorie-rich food
    We all want to have lunch with a big portion of chips and mayonnaise, like when we were kids and anything gave us energy. However, now that we have at least another 4 hours of work after lunch and a lovely afternoon nap is not forthcoming, it is better not to overdo it and stay light. Recover your energy and sate your hunger, but don’t choose dishes that sit in your stomach like a stone. But say, have you tried one of our veggie burgers? Could they be any lighter?  

  5. Eating at the speed of light
    True, Kioene’s veggie “meatballs” with beetroot are moreish, but eating a packet of them in 3 minutes flat will not be proof of your affection for these delicious “meatballs”. Don’t hurry too much, chew slowly and give your mind time to catch up with the fact that you’re eating. This way, you will be full sooner and help your digestion.  

A bonus tip: when you need to take your lunch break on the fly, there are Kioene veggie burgers and “meatballs” to help you out. They are ready in no time and will add flavour and goodness to your al desko meals.  

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