Veggie burgers: 5 dressings to pair them with
Veggie burgers: 5 dressings to pair them with
5 dressings for your veggie burgers

We just can’t get enough of veggie burgers! They are savoury, tasty and, above all, they are ready in a jiffy: just enough time to make you feel peckish. But how best to savour them? You can enjoy them in a sandwich with lots of colourful vegetables, you can combine them with a good hummus, or you can enjoy them cubed and mixed into a salad!

Speaking of which, how good are salads? They are really delicious both in summer, as a fresh but nutritious dish, and in winter, when you just can’t do without a cold dish between a soup and a velouté! Often, however, salad is a bit boring because it seems you can only dress it one way: with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Sure you can add sunflower seeds or dried fruit, but what can make your salads really special? A good Kioene veggie burger and a tasty dressing. Not sure where to start? Here are 5 super good and really easy-to-prepare dressings.   

  1. Creamy sesame dressing
    It’s ready in a flash: get your blender ready! You will need: tahini sauce, sesame seed oil, lime juice, garlic and salt. It goes well with robust salads with rocket and kale or as a dip for vegetable rolls. Try it with avocado too: you’ll be amazed!  

  2. Ranch dressing, veg version
    4 basic ingredients: veg mayonnaise, sour cream, apple cider vinegar and salt. Blend everything in your trusted blender and Bob’s your uncle: the dressing is ready! For a touch of crunch, add chopped chives and parsley. It’s a perfect dressing in a classic salad, with tomato, carrots and veggie burger, but you can also use it as an antipasto, for an alternative dip with celery and bell peppers.  

  3. Caesar dressing
    How do you prepare the veg version of the famous Caesar salad? Simply whisk together cashews soaked in water, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, Dijon mustard and capers. The Caesar salad tastes even better with the addition of a good veggie burger cut into strips! You can also add toasted croutons and this delicious dressing!  

  4. Coconut dressing
    Coconut in a salad? If you want a dish with a slightly tropical flavour, this is the right choice! You can add it to salads with fresh herbs, such as mint, coriander and chives, to go with a veggie burger or add the dressing to a good autumn vegetable curry. How to prepare it? Blend coconut milk, lime juice, chilli, brown sugar and salt.  

  5. Green dressing
    This dressing is perfect for a vegetable sandwich, perhaps made with pita bread or accompanied by a veggie burger as a substitute for a simple veg mayonnaise. It is prepared in a flash by blending soy yoghurt, lemon juice, parsley, chives, coriander and salt.  

Which one would you like to make? Tag @kioene on Instagram and show us your creations!  

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